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Adventure vs Comfort

We believe that motorcycle adventure travel should not necessarily equate to suffering and misery! We understand that hardships encountered on the road are not only inevitable but also serve as challenges that help us grow our skills and find satisfaction in our journey. However, enjoying a hearty dinner around a campfire and having a good night's rest in a decent environment prepares us for a better and more enjoyable ride the next day.
We spare no expense when it comes to accommodating our riders in the best available places in the areas we visit. These accommodations can range from 5-star hotels in cities to the occasional homestay in remote countryside, but one thing remains constant: our commitment to quality and comfort. "Abor Country River Camp" in Pasighat, located on the upper banks of the Siang River, exemplifies this concept.

Our Travelling Ethics

Even though we live in one of the most geographically diverse and beautiful countries in the world, as a nation we still have a lot to learn about responsible tourism. It has reached a point where access to beautiful pristine areas of India, especially in the Himalayan regions, is threatened, essentially due to poor tourist conduct.

To counter this trend, we want to reinforce the idea of environmentally and socially responsible tourism, to set an example for many Indian and foreign travellers on how to enjoy our Country without destroying it and ultimately, to make tourism a sustainable and long-term source of business for the inhabitant. We want to do this through a fun, interactive journey with local people, local food and by exploring stunning, untouched areas of the North East so that people feel inspired to follow a similar approach.

Abor Country camp - the Deck

Abor Country River Camp : the Deck at dusk

Our Travelling Guidelines

1) Containing the whole of our waste.

2) Curious but respectful interaction with the local population.

3) Maximum participation in the native economy by consuming mostly local food, drinks and commodities and avoiding non-local goods and consumables. Staying with the locals when possible.

4) Avoid noisy, rash and arrogant behaviour and driving habits.

5) Limiting group size to small numbers: we say NO to the Armada invasion culture! On our expeditions, we typically enrol a maximum of 6 participants at a time. Although this policy entails an economic penalty, we have made this choice: it allows us to cater for individual needs better while reducing our environmental footprint and ensuring great travelling flexibility.

Hero Motocorp Xpulse

Hero Motocorp Xpulse

About the Motorcycles

Here again, we are taking a different stand. We are aware of the longing nostalgia that may attract riders towards motorcycles of a past age -- which are still very much alive in India.

However, we have chosen the pragmatic way. Considering the rough mountainous terrain where we are taking our riders, we have a preference for motorcycles which are designed for off-road conditions, and of modern concept where reliability prevails: there is nothing more annoying for the entire group than being stranded or delayed because one of the bikes has developped a mechanical issue.

The motorcycles we propose fulfill these requirements. Both the Hero Xpulse and the Enfield Himalayan have the adequate ground clearance, stock off-road tyres and frame design that will handle the slush with ease, as well as other challenging situations, such as the occasional crossing of mountain streams.

RE Himalayan motorcycle

Royal Enfield Himalayan


We are not here to conquer, we are here to melt in the scenery...
We expect your support in spreading the message, and wish you to enjoy the ride as much as we do!
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